Discovering Modica and the Modican chocolate

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Brief History


Modica is a baroque jewel nestled between caves and canyons. The city is simply the most important one of Sicily and Southern Italy because of its history. In the first place, after the first settlements of Sicels over the Iron Age, Modica has always been the theater of different dominations from the Arabs to Normans including the Greeks and the Romans until the final age of the Crown of Aragon, during which who was in control of the Modica shire, was named Viceroy. In the second place, we should consider Modica as a true flagship of Sicilian baroque, became one of the Italian UNESCO World Heritage Sites in 2002, an extraordinary artistic trend developed in Sicily after the destructive earthquake centered in Val di Noto in 1693.No less importantly, the fame of Val di Noto is also linked to gastronomic traditions, in particular for its popular chocolate known at national and international level.

The Modican chocolate tradition


Modican chocolate story reminiscent of an incredible adventure novel. Its recipe dates back an ancient method of processing used by Aztecs, officially recognised in 1746 when Sicily depended by the Crown of Spain. Its handcrafted method of processing is carried out at low temperature in order to not to change the characteristics of cocoa: the cocoa compound does not dissolve with sugar and the final result consist of rainy, crumbly and rough, almost raw texture chocolate with no vegetable fat added. This kind of chocolate is unsuitable for melting and it is also possible to separately distinguish on the palate cocoa, sugar and spices (cinnamon or vanilla, according to tradition).

Grappa Harmonium and chocolate


It could not sound right but grappa and dark chocolate are considerde an indivisible couple for those loving great tastes. This is the reason why we can consider Grappa Harmonium and Modican chocolate pairing such as a sensorial plunge in the most refined Sicilian taste. The spicy aromas of the Grappa Harmonium perfectly meet those of the Modican chocolate, a tasting game between different texture and emotions, enhancing eachothers. Try a sip of Grappa Harmonium and then lay a small piece of chocolate down on the tongue waiting for melting. Your palate will really appreciate it.