All set for 2018 grape harvest at Firriato winery

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100 days


Vineyard activities are always ongoing but when summer is around the corner, also less experts know what it does mean: the time for grape harvest is coming. One year more, in the Firriato winery the famous 100 days of grape harvest will start at the end of July with the Chardonnay harvest among the vineyards of the Trapani countryside. The collect will end on the Etna volcano, in the Cavanera estate in the second part of October, with the final harvest of Nerello Mascalese. So you do not forget the grape harvest close to the shore of Favignana island. Anyway, it is up to Firriato and its vinegrowers to set things right and fair for the grape harvest 2018, not to leave anything to chance.


The preparation between vineyard and winery


After the hot wave of last year which brought dryness in the vineyard, 2018 climate conditions seem to be fresher and moister. By the way, winter and spring have brought moderate rain requiring a hard work in the vineyard in order to safeguard phytosanitary grape conditions achieving great results. In addition to that, the moisture level of the first summer weeks have fostered an excellent vegetative development of the plants. But work does not stop among the rows, on the contrary, there are many activities also in the winery: preparing tractors, oiling machines.

What does 2018 wine taste like?


As in any other work field- especially in those where you have to sway nature to man’s will- it is not simple to make predictions. By the way, results of 2018 grape harvest will depend on the climate conditions taking place after the colour change of the bunches. Anyway if climate conditions continue to be fresh, we will expect a slower grape maturation and once the wine will be bottled, wine will be characterised by a remarkable aromatic expression. Now we just have to wait the end of the grape harvest in order to confirm these expectations



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