在Firriato的众多农区中,达卡拉-波洛梅奥种植面积40公顷,海拔90米。这里地势平缓起伏,距海约15公里,类似皮亚诺洛-库迪亚庄园,这片葡萄园的微气候干燥通风,昼夜温差很大。这座庄园的特点在于土壤成分,独特的风土条件造就了特点丰富的Firriato葡萄酒。Di Gaetano家族在特拉帕尼农区致力于研发遵循生物多样性的葡萄栽培,从而最大限度的呈现西西里历史遗产的多样性。这样的种植思想同样适用于达卡拉-波洛梅奥:并不存在完全相同的黑阿沃拉,也不存在绝对适用于所有种植的模式,对于所有的葡萄植株和所有的葡萄酒生产而言全都适用。这是对一视同仁、不加区分、拒绝承认本地特色的否定性声明。一个西西里,一群西西里。一种黑阿沃拉,多种黑阿沃拉,格丽萝、泽比波、派瑞科恩、弗莱帕托、霞多丽等等都是如此。这就是为什么Firriato拥有一个复杂的葡萄酒产品种类且没有重合。


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Dagala Borromeo

The Vineyard

Dàgala Borromeo is one of Firriato’s most important estates. It is a treasure trove for the native varieties of Nero d’Avola and Inzolia, which are grown using the antique method of goblet vine training. It is a magnificent, untouched location. Watching the array of green foliage appear in its vineyards as nature comes into bloom, after the dormant winter period, tells the story of a farming tradition of vine cultivation that has made Trapani the most densely vine-planted province in all of Italy—a tradition the Di Gaetano family have been able to shine new light on.

Dagala Borromeo


The estate is characterised by both undulating and flat land and the vineyards enjoy a dry, well-ventilated microclimate which is marked by a heightened difference in temperature between day and night. The element at the foundation of Dàgala Borromeo is its unique terroir. This gives the wines produced in this area a structural complexity. Land which is adequately managed using focussed farming operations, like wild ground cover— a process consisting of regularly cutting the grass which naturally grows in the vineyard— allows the cultivation of quality grapes and combats soil erosion.

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