Four times Sicily


IGT Terre Siciliane

Grillo, Catarratto, Zibibbo e Carricante dell’Etna

The high percentage of clay present in Pianoro Cuddìa’s soil gives rise to a wine that perfectly reflects the organoleptic properties of its earth. A blend of four different native vine varieties, Quater vitis Bianco could be considered a genuine interpretation of Sicily, one that encapsulates the whole island in one single glass. Catarratto grapes give complex fruity fragrances, enhanced by the aromatic characteristics of the Zibibbo, in balance with Grillo’s elegance and the minerality of Carricante, which is the product of Etna, grown at 700 metres above sea level in the Cavanera Estate. The balance produced by the sweetness and the core supporting acidity make Quater Vitis bianco a wine that is destined to age in the bottle. It lends itself well to professional vertical wine tastings that compare it with other international whites with a similar longevity, like Reisling, Great Burgundy whites, Grand Cru and Premier Cru

  • Appellation: IGT Terre Siciliane
  • Vine:  Grillo, Catarratto, Zibibbo and Carricante of Etna Volcano
  • Terroir: hilly-mountain
  • Soil: clayey soils/ volcanic soils
  • Exposure: Pianoro Cuddìa : from 200 to 250 m a.s.l./ Cavanera Etnea: from 750 to 850 mt a.s.l.
©Firriato - pulsante 1 - Quater Vitis Bianco

Production Area

Pianoro Cuddìa

©Firriato - mappa cuddia cavanera - Quater Vitis Bianco

The Pianoro Cuddìa vineyard is north-facing and located 109 metres above sea level. The estate stretches over a plain in an area characterised by its almost desert-like, particularly windy climate.

©Firriato - cuddia - Quater Vitis Bianco

Quater Vitis Bianco

Four white grape crus give Sicily in a glass

All of Sicily in just one glass, many personalities in just one bottle. Quater Vitis Bianco encases four crus from four native white grape vine varieties: Grillo, Carricante, Cataratto and Zibibbo, varieties par excellence of Sicilian oenology. Together they give rise to a complex and sophisticated blend. The four different varieties differ in their organoleptic qualities and character; as a consequence the cuvees are subject to individual programmes of production from the vine to the winery. The most suitable farming practices for each different vine variety are employed, each determined by the microclimates of their vineyard of origin. The harvest also follows and respects the natural ripening process of each single variety. After the four different grape harvests have been completed, the grapes collected are vinified and aged in separate tanks from one vine variety to another. From an oenological point of view Quater Vitis Bianco is representative of the four distinct varieties in its polyphenolic composition, the type of soil they grown in and their ripening times. Only at the very end do blends and assemblages flow into the same magnificent glass to give the perfect balance of the four different vine varieties.

©Firriato - Quater bianco Vendemmia Inzolia BG - Quater Vitis Bianco
©Firriato - Quater bianco - Quater Vitis Bianco

Paired with

Spaghetti with John Dory Eggs

Set the spaghetti to cook. In the meantime take another pan, big enough to toss the spaghetti in later, and add 8 spoonfuls of the olive oil placing it over a low heat; sweat the garlic and then remove it. Add the John Dory eggs and lightly mix together with the oil. Turn off the heat. Remove the seeds from the tomato and dice; add to the eggs.

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