The Mediterranean charm of Zibibbo


IGT Terre Siciliane


Zibibbo is an aromatic grape variety which is also suits dry wine making with a bouquet that evokes the scents and fragrances of spring flowers. Jasmin is the perfect manifestation of this entirely Mediterranean charm thanks to the unique soil and climate conditions found in Borgo Guarini. The difference in temperature between day and night favours the concentration of aromatic elements creating a fascinating hint of decisive style and exotic elegance. Jasmin is a wine that invites conviviality and the joy of each other’s company. It reflects Firriato’s oldest and newest philosophy: to offer wine lovers the perfect wine for every occasion. Jasmin is the perfect interpretation of a lifestyle that demands quality, elegance and style with moderate alcohol content.

  • Appellation: IGT Terre siciliane
  • Vine:  Zibibbo
  • Terroir: hilly
  • Soil: mid-mixture, mostly clayey
  • Exposure: west  (300mt. a.s.l)
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Production Area

Borgo Guarini

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The hillside nature of the Borgo Guarini vineyards creates different soil and climate conditions according to the different heights at which they are located. Moving from one hill to another not only varies the chemical composition of the soil, but also the entire environment of soil and climate conditions. Wines produced on this estate evoke all the many nuances of this terroir.

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Fragrances, aromas and Sicilian freshness

The virtuous path followed by Firriato since its foundation to enhance native Sicilian vines achieves a step more with Jasmin, a zibibbo grape-based wine expressing the particular sensorial profile of this grape variety. Zibibbo grapes have been historically used to make sweet or sparkling wines but Firriato decided to vinify them to produce still wine enhancing its aromatic profile and making a very drinkable wine. Eclectic soils of the Borgo Guarini estate rich in sodium and clay are the cradle of this aromatic variety composing Jasmin. The natural property of this soil enables Firriato to exalt the variety characteristics expressing the most inner fragrances of orange peel and mature figs together with elegant jasmin notes which name this precious label.

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Paired with

Squid stuffed with Cacio Cheese and Pistachios

Clean the squid and leave to drain in a colander. Break down the anchovy fillets in a non-stick pan with a dash of oil. Add in order: the breadcrumbs, another 50g of oil to moisten, the parsley, chopped; 25g of the pistachios, and the grated caciocavallo cheese. Season with salt and pepper. Once the squid filling is ready set some aside for garnishing before putting in the oven later. Separate the squid head from the tentacles and stuff the head

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