The refined elegance of a Firriato Etna DOC

Cavanera Bianco

Etna DOC

Catarratto, Carricante

Cavanera Ripa di Scorciavacca is a Bianco Etna DOC cru that encapsulates in its intense and refined bouquet the aromas and complexity of a unique terroir in the field of Sicilian viticulture—the Etna Volcano. This land of harsh high mountainside winters and lush vines grown in full sunlight gives an elegant Firriato white, a union of Carricante and Catarratto. This single vineyard is the object of meticulous care due to the special microclimate that it enjoys. The ‘young’ soils are particularly fertile due to the presence of a high concentration of nutrients. This, together with the farming practices of leaf removal and promotion of the vines’ strength give the wine a decisive character, with a balanced acidity and softness and an extraordinary potential longevity.

  • Appellation: Etna DOC
  • Vine:  Carricante, Catarratto
  • Terroir: mountain
  • Soil: volcanic soils , highly draining
  • Exposure: sud (from 750 to 850 mt. a.s.l)
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Production Area

Tenuta di Cavanera Etnea

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The Cavanera Etnea vineyards are located on the north-northeast of the Etna Volcano. The winter temperatures are on average low, with a high difference in temperature between day and night. These unique soil and climate conditions favour the complex aromatic profile of the grapes.

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Cavanera Ripa di Scorciavacca

A mountain climate in the Mediterranean climate zone

Cavanera on Etna is a unique cultivation environment within Sicily. The interaction between the mountain climate that defines Etna, the estate’s sunlight levels at 600-900 metres altitude, and the dark soils of volcanic origin, determines the high temperature difference between day and night.  The rich soil skeleton of the volcanic earth allows the vines’ roots to penetrate deep down, naturally favouring the plants’ strength. The Catarratto and Carricante grapes that grow on Etna are distinguished by their sensory complexity and elegant minerality. Among the farming practices used in the Ripa di Scorciavacca vineyard Firriato uses the procedure of leaf removal on the vines. Practices such as this in the vineyard, favour the full ripening and the concentration of aromas in the grapes. The combination of these unique conditions goes to produce a wine that is the complete and natural embodiment of such an incomparable landscape.

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Paired with

Spaghetti with a Tuna, Mint and Cinnamon Sauce

Sweat the onion in a pan with a splash of olive oil. Add about 1/3 of the tuna—the leaner and darker parts (because they are richer in blood) and brown. Add the passata, about 300ml of water, and the tomato puree Cook on low heat for 40-45mins, add the bay leaves and cinnamon, and check the thickness (if too thick loosen with some water).

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