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Fresh, Fragrant, Organic


Sicilia D.O.C.


Caeles Grillo is a varietal wine made with Grillo grapes growing in the Borgo Guarini estate, within the Trapani countryside. An organic and vegan certified wine, very particular cru coming from mostly loamy soils,  oleaginous at the touch. Caeles Grillo reflects the multifaceted Terroir of Borgo Guarini, expressing marked briny feature, straw yellow color and elegant acidity. The remarkable bouquet, of great personality, is due to aromatic intake of thiols releasing exotic fresh fragrances such as pink grapefruit and passion fruits, immediately disclosed in the wineglass together with notes of Mediterranean shrubland. A recognisable wine able to overcome all prejudices about possible flawes in organic wines.

  • Appellation: Sicilia DOC
  • Vine: Grillo
  • Terroir: hilly
  • Soil: Clayey soil, mostly loamy
  • Exposure: south-west (250 mt. a.s.l.)
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Production Area

Borgo Guarini

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The clayey soils of Borgo Guarini have been selected by Firriato in order to grow Grillo grapes. Among these rows, the winery carry out green manuring practices which nourish soil with natural elements in order to improve soil pedoclimatic conditions

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Loving nature to make authentic wines come to life

The grapes produced in all Firriato’s estates grow according to the firm organic agriculture  procedural guidelines . Since its foundation, Firriato have been focusing its attention on respecting the nature, the territory and the environment, some of the main goals so as to produce quality wines. Firriato replaces chemical fertilisers , broadly used for no-organic vineyards, with natural treatments. Weeds protect vineyards, enrich soils by supplying essential nourishment to ripen grapes and hosting useful insects to prevent parasites attacks. Firriato is accostumed to use this practice in its organic vineyards in order to safeguard vines, ensuring healthy ripe harvests, and keeping coherence both to organic project and quality attention of new labels


Organic: Wisdom and Sensitivity

The deep knowledge of biological life cycle of animals and plants and their interaction with the vine is the main milestone of Firriato’s production philosophy, which has been working according to organic certified standards from the foundation of the winery in 1984, in all its 380 ha covering 3 different Terroir.
An organic viticulture that has been officially certified in 2007, when the EU regulation of organic agriculture came into force, rewarding Firriato for its great remarkable commitment.
30-year-old commitment carried out by Firriato always respecting strict certified organic standards which rules not only include the obbligation to comply with specific technical requirements but also a deep knowledge of the agricultural ecosystem and all management aspects able to trigger positive synergies about vines biodiversity safeguard.

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Vintage 2016

The summer season 2016 has been characterised by mild cimate, few rainfalls without excessive heat. After a winter characterised by few rainfalls, spring season began with cool temperatures lasted over flowering until the months of May and June when spring concluded with some rainfalls.These climatic conditions fostered a great vine life-cycle in the vineyard. Compared to grape harvest 2015,estimates suggested a reduction by 40% in rainfalls over the winter period, although around 80-90 mm of water have been recorded over the rainfalls in May.
Grape harvest 2016 is characterised by significant promising wines and a reduction of the production of about 10% compared to grape harvest 2015. Broadly speaking, vintage 2016 enabled us to produce aromatic fresh whites thanks to a correct maturation ensuring balanced production without thermal stress.