The authentic flavour of untouched nature


Sicilia D.O.C.


Caeles Cataratto is a wine that unites nature, respect for the local area, and quality together. After lengthy years of observation and experimentation, Firriato found the ideal location for the cultivation of Catarratto in the Borgo Guarini Estate. There the calcareous soils with their presence of clay and red marl are characterised by their reduced fertility and humidity. In the Catarratto vineyard, as in the rest of the estate, ground cover is provided by wild legume and cereal plants. This combination of soil and climate conditions and cultivation practices gives life to the certified organic Caeles Cataratto wine. It is a vivid example of organically produced wine, characterised by herbaceous hints with a good structure giving fruity tones of unspoilt nature.

  • Appellation: DOC  Sicilia
  • Vine:  Catarratto
  • Terroir: Trapani countryside- Borgo guarini estate
  • Soil: calcareous-clayey
  • Exposure: south (350 mt. a.s.l)
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Production Area

Borgo Guarini

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The clayey earth of the Borgo Guarini Estate was chosen by Firriato for the organic cultivation of Catarratto grapes. The green manure technique using legumes has been adopted here, exploiting the exceptional nutrient properties of these plant organisms to enrich and improve the soil conditions.


A culture of love and respect for nature

Grapes produced in the Firriato Estates are cultivated according to the strict guidelines for organic farming. Since its foundation, Firriato has focussed on respecting nature, the local area and the environment—one of the fundamental objectives in the production of quality local wines. In place of the herbicides generally used in non-organic vineyards, only natural agents and microorganisms are employed. The wild grasses play a particular protective role as they represent an important resource for the grapes’ survival. They enrich the soil with nutrients necessary for the maturation of the fruit as well as hosting insects useful in the attack of eventual parasites. Firriato uses this measure in its land dedicated to organic farming to protect the vines, ensuring a healthy and mature harvest, and above all to remain faithful to its organic farming project and the qualitative care of its new labels.

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Organic: Wisdom and Sensitivity

The deep knowledge of biological life cycle of animals and plants and their interaction with the vine is the main milestone of Firriato’s production philosophy, which has been working according to organic certified standards from the foundation of the winery in 1984, in all its 380 ha covering 3 different Terroir.
An organic viticulture that has been officially certified in 2007, when the EU regulation of organic agriculture came into force, rewarding Firriato for its great remarkable commitment.
30-year-old commitment carried out by Firriato always respecting strict certified organic standards which rules not only include the obbligation to comply with specific technical requirements but also a deep knowledge of the agricultural ecosystem and all management aspects able to trigger positive synergies about vines biodiversity safeguard.

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Paired with

Bulgar Wheat with Mixed Vegetables

Gather the vegetables together: celery, carrots, potatoes and spring onion and “brunoise” dice. Cut the tomato in half. Place the cut vegetables in a casserole dish and add water. Cook over a low heat to create fragrant vegetable stock.

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