Wine with authentic Sicilian character

Altavilla della Corte

DOC Sicilia


The Grillo grapes grown on the Borgo Guarini Estate fully convey the uniqueness of their terroir of origin. The hillside climate, with greater differences in temperature in comparison to areas on the coast, endows these grapes with a richer and more intense aromatic profile, consisting of thiols and aromatic precursors. It is a vine on the rise in Sicilian oenology, where it is usually cultivated near the coast. Firriato, however, has chosen to grow it on the hillside area of the Borgo Guarini Estate. This area is characterised by a microclimate that is subject to a marked difference in temperature, which together with the action of the wind, allows them to obtain wines with a vast aromatic spectrum during the wine making process. These wines are fresher in comparison to wines produced from Grillo grapes cultivated on the coast.

  • Appellation: DOC Sicilia
  • Vine: Grillo
  • Terroir: hilly
  • Soil: Calcareous soil, mostly clayey
  • Exposure: south – west(250 mt. a.s.l.)
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Borgo Guarini

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Grillo grapes are grown by Firriato on the hillside area of the Borgo Guarini Estate. The unique soil and climate conditions of this terroir favour the complete aromatic development of this native vine variety.

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Altavilla della Corte Grillo

The Uniqueness of a Hillside Grillo

Grillo’s destiny is tied to a noble purpose, to replace vines left terribly devastated by phylloxera attacks in the Marsala area. It is here that it grows producing magnificent fruit, in an area where, in just a short time, it has gained widespread use and appreciation. It is impossible to talk of Sicily without mentioning the wines that make it so welcoming, enticing and perfect. And of these wines, the one which surely stands out is Grillo, a credit to and a gift from this sun-kissed land of unparalleled charm. Grillo is one of most cultivated native white grape vine varieties on the island, in particular on the west coast. The historical motivations behind its spread are linked to the production of Marsala, where it constitutes the main ingredient of that well-known fortified wine in a blend with other vine varieties.

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Paired with

Spaghetti with Bottarga (salted tuna fish roe)

Place a large saucepan filled with water for cooking the spaghetti on the hob. In the meantime add the oil to a non-stick frying pan with the peeled garlic clove. Brown the garlic over a low flame and then remove it.

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