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The stylistic perfection of the union between two terroir


Brut Classic Method Spumante

Chardonnay e Carricante

Quality soil acknowledgement and know how regarding the interaction between Vineyard-Land are the keys to intepret Firriato’s work in all its estates. This working conduct is much more evident in the Cavanera Etnea estate, where the winery produces Gaudensius Blanc de Blancs, spumante produced according to the classic method employing white grapes of Carricante and Chardonnay. Carricante grapes are tipycal of the Etna volcano and grow in the Cavanera Etnea estate, while Chardonnay grapes express all the hilly features of a cru growing in the Borgo Guarine estate, within the Trapani countryside, where these grapes can be used for the base wine of the Spumante just like those growing in the Champagne region. Gaudensius Blanc de Blancs represents the perfect union of two different terroir belonging to the same island

  • Appellation:Brut Classic Method Spumante
  • Vines:  Carricante  and Chardonnay
  • Terroir: hilly, volcanic
  • Cavanera Etnea soil : volcanic sandy soils with high dreinage capacity
  • Borgo Guarini soil: calcareous-clayey
  • Cavanera Etnea exposure: 650m a.s.l
  • Borgo Guarini exposure: 250m a.s.l
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Production Area

Tenuta di Cavanera Etnea

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Carricante grapes grow on the sandy-volcanic soils of Etna characterised by dark color undegoing high temperatures fluctuations. Chardonnay grapes grow in the hinterland of the Borgo Guarini estate which soil is composed of : oxisols, inceptisols and vertisols.

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The classic method Spumante celebrates Sicily

Agronomic practices oriented to grow Carricante single vineyard for the Gaudensius blanc de blancs production includes the increase of leaf surface over the vine pruning, with the aim to cover and protect the clusters by sunshines. This practice is completely innovative on the Mount Etna scenario and is supposed to be used to slow grape ripening. Moreover this practice enables the concentration of malic acid and the aromas increase. Carricante harvest takes place over the first part of September, unlike Chardonnay harvest  occurrs in the first part of August within the Borgo Guarini estate. Vinification is carried out according to classic method standards. Gaudensius blanc de blanc stays on yields around 30 months in the dried lava flow tunnel. Elegance and aromatic intensity together with persistent perlage characterise Gaudensius Blanc de Blanc defining it as an outstanding Spumante , the flagship among other Sicilian spumante.

Paired with

Grilled Sea Bream with Mock Mayonnaise

Massage the boned sea bream fillets with extra virgin olive oil and leave to rest. Continue with the preparation of the mock mayonnaise: in the jug of a liquidiser add the oils, soy milk, celery leaves, parsley, and salt and pepper to taste. Blend until creamy. Serve in 4 ramekins. Cut the tomato in half and remove the seeds, dice. Scatter on the top of the mock mayonnaise in each ramekin.

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