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The Frappato expression of an extraordinary Terroir

Sorìa Frappato

DOC Sicilia


Sorìa Frappato, fascination wine, interpretation of a native ancient vine variety  comes from the bind of traditional and modern agronomic techniques. This union refines the angularity of the dark color of the grapes which expression in the wine glass calls to mind the intense fragrances of the grape skin and seeds. This is a wine inviting you to enjoy the silence, to evoke mysterious far places at sunset. No possible to classificate into specific category , this Frappato expresses a modern style able to correctly interpret the sunny and mild climate where grows. A sensorial harmony of wild fruits are disclosed in a fresh way on the nose, releasing smooth and enveloping sensations on the palate.

  • Appellation: DOC  Sicilia
  • Vine:  Frappato
  • Terroir: Trapani countryside- Baglio Sorìa estate
  • Soil: clayey soils with red marlstones presence
  • Exposure: south (120 mt. a.s.l)
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Production Area

Baglio Sorìa

©Firriato - mappa soria - Sorìa Frappato

Baglio Sorìa soil is characterised by mineral elements, clay and red marlstones and other rocks of Oligocene period. Red marlstones are the responsible of the structure of red wines of Baglio Sorìa estate.

©Firriato - Terroir Baglio Soria - Sorìa Frappato

Sorìa Frappato

Fruity Notes: a reward of a unique Terroir

An aromatic bouquet of wild red fruit is the key feature of this wine coming from the Trapani countryside.  The vine is also grown in other parts of Sicily where the wine expresses spicy aromas. In the Baglio Sorìa estate the vine mostly expresses rounded flavour of red fruit. The high percentage of clay together with red marlstones presence influence the result in the wineglass, making these grapes absolutely unique in the Sicilian winescape.  Interesting notes make this Frappato almost similar to Cerasuolo, ensuring extroardinary sips.

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Paired with

Meat Couscous

Dice the meat and cut the vegetables into chunks. Put everything into a large capacity saucepan of at least 3 ½ litres with water. Add the onion, cut into four wedges; the parsley, cinnamon stick and bay leaf to the meat and vegetables. Season with salt and pepper. Cook over a low heat. As each vegetable is cooked, remove it from the pan one by one (first the courgette, then the carrot and so on); place them somewhere warm and set aside.