Santagostino: the label that has made Firriato famous all over the world


IGT Sicilia

Nero d’Avola, Syrah

The Baglio Sorìa Estate is home to one of Firriato’s oenological treasures—a quintessentially Sicilian red that has seduced wine lovers the world over with its pleasing complexity and its perfect balance between freshness and alcohol content. Rich in fruitiness and elegance it is a pioneering Sicilian blend of international and native grape varieties. The terroir in which it grows, its proximity to the coast, and the prevalence of clay and red marl in its soil contribute to creating climate and soil conditions that are unique in the agricultural setting of western Sicily. Santagostino Baglio Sorìa Rosso is the fruit of this uniqueness, remaining true to itself over more than thirty vintages. Harvest after harvest, it proves to be the emblematic symbol of Firriato’s oenological style with its impenetrable ruby red colour, releasing elegant nuances and velvety tannins in the glass.

  • Appellation: IGT Sicilia
  • Vine:  Nero d’Avola, Syrah
  • Terroir: hilly
  • Soil: calcareous-clayey
  • Exposure: soth, south-west  (200 mt. a.s.l)
©Firriato - pulsante 1 - Santagostino Rosso

Production Area

Tenuta di Baglio Sorìa

©Firriato - mappa soria - Santagostino Rosso

The land of the historic Baglio Sorìa Estate is characterised by the constant humidity of its subsoil which prevents the vines from suffering water stress, even during the driest of years.

©Firriato - Terroir Baglio Soria - Santagostino Rosso

Santagostino Baglio Sorìa

Firriato’s iconic wine

With more than thirty years of production behind it, Santagostino Rosso, a blend of Nero d’Avola and Syrah, is one Siciliian red that has met with great success on both a national and international stage for winemaking and producing. The Sicilian Nero d’Avola and the international Syrah are grown in the Baglio Sorìa estate, where soils are mainly composed of red marlstones. The texture is characterised by steady subsoil moisture enables vines to not undergo water stress especially over droughtier vintages so as to better respond to heat stress. As a metter of fact these conditions seem to be crucial fo Syrah cultivation perfectly  responding to environmental characteristics by gradually maturing. The soil texture together with the southern exposure that benefits from direct sunlight action eases an increase in peel thickness and major tannins and aromatic fragrances concentration. From this complicated interaction among “vine, climate and soil conditions” a colorful wine rich in elegant tannins comes out. A very drinkable and pleasant wine with a plump body. it is simply outstanding in its class.

©Firriato - Annate Charme rosso Vendemmia NDA BG 1 - Santagostino Rosso
©Firriato - Riconoscvimenti e premi Santagostino rosso - Santagostino Rosso

Paired with

Sliced Fillet of Veal

Leave the steaks to marinate in a marinade of olive oil and dry oregano for about 30 minutes. Once marinated heat a cast iron griddle until scorching hot and carefully place the steaks on top. The meat should be cooked no longer than 4 minutes on each side. On serving season with salt, oregano and drizzle with a little olive oil.

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