The essence of Sicily in a wineglass


IGT Terre Siciliane

Perricone, Nero d’Avola, Frappato and Nerello Cappuccio of Etna Volcano

Quater Vitis Rosso encapsulates wine-rich Sicily in a glass.  It is a blend of Nero d’Avola, Perricone and Frappato grapes grown on the Pianoro Cuddìa estate, with Nerello Cappuccio grapes grown on the Cavanera Estate at about 680 metres above sea level on Etna. It comes from four different grape harvests, followed by as many separate vinifications which all enhance the uniqueness of each single variety. Each single wine is aged in American and French oak, for a maximum of 10 months. The different woods give different wood notes that unite in nuances of vanilla. The best cuvees obtained from this then undergo assemblage, giving life to this wine which harmoniously enhances the fragrances of red fruit from the Nero d’Avola, the freshness from Frappato, the spicy notes of Nerello Cappuccio and the elegance of Perricone.

  • Appellation: IGT Terre Siciliane
  • Vine: Perricone, Nero d’Avola, Frappato and Nerello Cappuccio of Etna Volcano
  • Terroir: hilly-mountain
  • Soil: clayey soils/ volcanic soils
  • Exposure: Pianoro Cuddìa : from 200 to 250 m a.s.l./ Cavanera Etnea: from 750 to 850 mt a.s.l.

Production Area

Pianoro Cuddìa

@Firriato - mappa cuddia cavanera - Quater Vitis Rosso

Covering 35 hectares, Pianoro Cuddìa is an extreme terroir because it is extremely rich in sodium, a property which obstructs and slows down the normal productive life cycle of the plants. This negative factor which could be a disadvantage has become a favourable and valued property for Firriato.

@Firriato - blend 1 - Quater Vitis Rosso

Quater Vitis Rosso

A blend of four Sicilian native vine varieties

The four crus of Quater Vitis Rosso express all the personality of their four Sicilian native vine varieties. Each follows an individual and different vinification process, before being harmoniously united, after careful tasting for the right level of maturity, in a single wine. Quater Vitis Rosso is produced using each year’s best grapes—the Nero d’Avola, Perricone and Frappato coming from the Pianoro Cuddìa vineyards; and the Nerello Cappuccio, coming from the Cavanera Etnea Estate. These vine varieties are cultivated using different agronomic techniques for each vine and their grape harvest times are also different. The harvest is completed by the middle of September for Frappato,Perricone and Nero d’Avola vines while Nerello Cappuccio grape harvest is concluded in October . Harvesting by hand allows selection of the grape bunches, these are then arranged in wooden crates so that the grapes’ perfect integrity is not compromised. As the grapes gradually reach the winery they undergo a further selection for starting their individual processes of vinification and ageing in separate tanks and barriques. This way each cuvee can best enhance the characteristics of each grape variety.

@Firriato - Harmonium Vendemmia NDA BG - Quater Vitis Rosso
@Firriato - quater premi 1 - Quater Vitis Rosso

Paired with

Sicilian sardine and fennel pasta

Cut, wash and cook fennel in salty water. Once cooked, drain fennel and take apart the water. Cut tone onion and stir –fry it in a large pan with olive oil, pieces of anchovies, a glass of water for some minutes, adding saffron at the end.

@Firriato - ricetta 1 - Quater Vitis Rosso