Red fire and passion


Etna D.O.C

Nerello Mascalese, Nerello Cappuccio

Le Sabbie dell’Etna Rosso, together with its white variant, is the forerunner of Firriato’s many decades of wine production on Etna. Wines from the Cavanera Etnea Estate form part of the elite by birth and are dedicated to exclusivity. They are labels considered for and dedicated to the most demanding wine-lovers. Le Sabbie dell’Etna Rosso comes to the glass with a delicious and complex bouquet with notes of cinnamon, black pepper, blackcurrant and cherries in alcohol. Only the extraordinary terroir of Castiglione di Sicilia, on the slopes of Europe’s largest active volcano, could yield a wine with such great personality. The estate’s volcanic soils are distinguished by their high nutrient content of phosphorous, which determines the sugar content in the must; manganese, which increases the plants’ resistance to the cold; and iron, which contributes to the black grapes’ pigmentation, giving the native vine varieties of Nerello Mascalese and Nerello Cappuccio their bright ruby red colour.

  • Appellation: Etna DOC
  • Vine:  Nerello Cappuccio, Nerello Mascalese
  • Terroir: mountain
  • Soil: Loamy – sandy of volcanic origin, highly draining
  • Exposure: north-east  (700 mt. a.s.l)
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Production Area

Tenuta di Cavanera Etnea

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The north-eastern slope of Etna, where the Cavanera Estate is located, has predominantly sandy soil, composed of extremely fine particles that give it a loose structure, marked by its considerable fertility and high concentration of nutrients.

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Le Sabbie dell'Etna Rosso

Etna and Nerello Mascalese, a thousand-year old union

The Spanish viceroyalty of Sicily coincided with Charles V ascension to the Spanish throne in 1516, and it is he who is thought to be responsible for the spread of Nerello Mascalese. Together with Niccolò Caracciolo, the Bishop of Catania, he decided to transform Piana di Mascali in Contea and one of the first steps he took was to place the land owned by the Curia at the disposal of the vine growers. Nerello vines, therefore, started to spread across the Etna countryside and today, thanks to their organoleptic properties and ageing capability, they are the emblem for oenology performed on the slopes of Etna.

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Paired with

Duck Breast in Orange Sauce

Mix together the orange juice, salt, pepper and extra virgin olive oil; add the 4 pieces of duck breast and leave to marinate for about an hour. Meanwhile, peel and rinse the potatoes. Cut them into wedges. Place a casserole dish on the heat with 3 fingers of water and place a steamer over the top; add the potato wedges and steam for 12 minutes with the lid on. Take them off the heat and set aside somewhere to keep them warm.

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