©all copyright reserved by Firriato - nero davola vegano sicilia - Firriato certifies his own Vegan Wine

Firriato certifies his own Vegan Wine

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Terroir, Nature and Respect

©all copyright reserved by Firriato - nero davola vegano sicilia - Firriato certifies his own Vegan Wine

CÆLES is the name we gave to our certified organic wines and CÆLES is also the name of our vegan wines. Same name, same wine with two adjectives that help emphasise our journey along the paths of Nature. Because a wine that bears witness to the uniqueness of a land can be vegan and organic at the same time, without losing the identity that characterises it and the peculiarities of the vineyard from which it comes. Our CÆLES wines have been certified vegan because they do not contain any raw materials, ingredients and adjuvants of animal origins.


A distinctive mark for a more eco-friendly world

DNV GL is one of the major certification bodies in the world. A perfect partner for Firriato, that many years ago set out on a long and complex journey to manage the vineyards and the cellar in such a way as to fully respect nature and the environment. Firriato now adds this certificate for vegan wine to its prestigious list of international certifications for environmental sustainability and the quality of its wine production. Furthermore, the carbon footprint certification has just joined ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 22005, IFS, BRC, ISO 14064 and the Organic certification. Because this is Firriato, a Sicilian wine story that is told in an open book.

©all copyright reserved by Firriato - syrah e catarratto - Firriato certifies his own Vegan Wine


Three wines standing for quality and tradition

©all copyright reserved by Firriato - bicchiere vino vegano - Firriato certifies his own Vegan Wine

From now on, to describe the organic CÆLES line we could say that it falls rightly among the very first Italian vegan wines. This additional vegan certification perfectly fits into a broader context that best defines this wine family. Available in three varieties (Catarratto, Syrah and Nero d’Avola), the CÆLES family comes from the hillside vineyards near Trapani. We gave them this name to pay tribute to the clear sky (caelum in Latin, cielo in Italian) over our agricultural estates. Three wines that fully reveal the most intense and elegant aromas, revealing the most intimate features and the wonders of the Sicilian countryside.


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