©all copyright reserved by Firriato - foto web 4 - The spring of Sicily

The spring of Sicily

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The renaissance of Nature and the arrival of spring

©all copyright reserved by Firriato - foto web 4 - The spring of Sicily

The Sicilian countryside has left behind the winter General. The climate is softened by the day and every single plant begins a new life cycle and prepares for sprouting. is the spring which is manifested by its soft colors and the scents of the awakening of nature. For Firriato is alive, even today, the memory of last spring because it has intensively contributed to the perfect development of the grapes and the organoleptic quality of the grapes from the latest harvest. Our hope is that even the spring of 2016 is equally generous with gifts and the vineyards of our estates from the island of Favignana to Etna terraces can receive all the benefits of spring weather in Sicily.


All the power of life in a small bud

On the bare branches of the vines, the rows tenaciously wrapped mushrooms, timidly appear small, beautiful and wondrous bumps. They are the first buds of light green in color, delicate in their consistency. First witnesses of the change of season and the arrival of spring weather, such as precious stones, scattered shrubs with their magnificent presence. They are the symbol of the strength and vigor of Nature and preserve, within them, all the vital energy that will give new life to the screws. Their power will be disruptive and in a few months will be necessary to provide the green pruning for a targeted selection of the production load for each screw.

©all copyright reserved by Firriato - foto web 1 - The spring of Sicily


Mild is the climate that comforts the hearts

©all copyright reserved by Firriato - foto web 3 - The spring of Sicily

The sweetness of the Mediterranean climate manifests itself in all its beauty in the Sicilian spring.

Since the end of March until late June temperatures rise harmoniously during daylight hours to gently decrease during the night. The fluctuations are never violent, and are characterized by a pleasant gradually. This is the climate of the largest island in the Mediterranean, which has inspired artists from around the world and fostered the development of ancient civilizations. Crossroads of men and cultures, Sicily, with its climate has welcomed over the centuries men and women who have found sustenance from agriculture florida island.


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