©all copyright reserved by Firriato - Vendemmia Grillo Firriato 2015 3 1 - THE HARVEST OF THE GRILLO


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In the light of the Sicilian’s sun Grillo is already mature

©all copyright reserved by Firriato - Vendemmia Grillo Firriato 2015 3 1 - THE HARVEST OF THE GRILLO

It is the summer break, swimmers enjoy the sun on the beaches and refresh their self on the sea. Here, in some of the Firriato EstatesBorgo Guarini and Pianoro Cuddia the atmosphere is different, for some aspects it is exciting. It started the harvest of Grillo this year 2015. They are collecting the grapes after a year of hard and complex work in the vineyard. The rows of Grillo were among the first to offer their fruit. They are all lined up like soldiers waiting for the skillful hands of the harvesters may capture the finest grapes. We start early to harvest, the first light of a summer scent of joy and desire for holidays. Early in the morning the harvesters can work with a more favorable climate and the grapes arrive in the cellar at a lower temperature which preserves the organoleptic properties.


The constellation of Trapani’s territories as a symbol of Authentic Terroir

We harvested the Grillo in two different territories in Trapani. In Borgo Guarini and Pianoro Cuddia started the magic moment of the harvest. Both of the seals are at very short distance from each other and both reflect fully the company’s philosophy that has characterized for years the Firriato labels: territorial identity. Each bottle that begins its journey from the basement to the goblets of wine-lovers must be able to tell the most beautiful and true Sicily. We believe that from Borgo Guarini and Pianoro Cuddia can only bring out the best traditional Sicilian wine. Borgo Guarini is the largest of the seals Firriato. It is a place with a different strong identity distinguished by the complexity of microclimates and soil. Pianoro Cuddia instead is an Estate smaller but its 35 hectares fully represent the essence of quality viticulture.

©all copyright reserved by Firriato - Vendemmia Grillo Firriato 2015 81 - THE HARVEST OF THE GRILLO


“Quater White, Della Corte Altavilla and Saint Germain”

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A sample of excellent winemaking requires a perfect starting point. When the starting point is perfect like the Grillo in this vintage 2015. It is a good news. In Pianoro Cuddia and Borgo Guarini Grillo has reached full maturity, but what is surprising positively, is the healthy of the plant of the grapes that are healthy and beautiful as ever. The clusters appear not only healthy but also they have a total aromatic fabulous. It seems that in this vintage 2015 Grillo is expressing its best. These grapes are golden and fragrant, vinified alone or blended, born three labels that fully represent the quality of the constellation of labels Firriato. Grillo, vinified in Blend for Quater Bianco and the Saint Germain, will contribute to the aromatic complexity and the elegance of these wines while, vinified alone for Altavilla of the Court, to give to the nose with hints of citrus and almond nuances yellow melon.


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