©all copyright reserved by Firriato - DSC0120 - THE HARVEST OF SYRAH


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Scented red berries inspire a Mediterranean dream

©all copyright reserved by Firriato - DSC0120 - THE HARVEST OF SYRAH

In the Baglio Sorìa Estate the rows of Syrah stretch until to get the border with the Wine Resort. We are in the high half of august and among the wondering gaze of our guest, the harvest of this variety ended. Syrah has ancient roots in the history of the Sicilian viticulture. It has red berry fruits, characterized by swollen, fleshy pulp. It smells strongly of berries and ripe plums. Our agronomists considered that are perfect conditions to consider the starting to the vintage of Syrah. Temperatures, slightly more hot favored a short advance of fruit ripening instead of the harvest of 2014.


At the first light of the sunrise starts a millennial rite

The day starts very soon for our harvesters. A team of close men has been sharing from many years work experience in the Firriato Estate. They can recognize, with their competence every single plants. Their valuable work is not limited to the harvest and it has never stopped throughout the year. The vine needs all attentive care provided in the Firriato regulation. These heroes of the earth have never stopped to take care of this vines. They have fertilized and treated with biological methods, they have pruned the plant leaving only the best clusters according to a rigorous selection and under the attentive gaze of our agronomists. How can we collect fruits so perfect if not taking care of the vineyards with passion and rigor?

©all copyright reserved by Firriato - DSC0100 - THE HARVEST OF SYRAH


The story of an absolute champion of Sicilian enology

©all copyright reserved by Firriato - DSC0167 - THE HARVEST OF SYRAH

The Syrah freshly harvested at Baglio Soria bring a dowry its aromatic compound and intense and fruity scents blended with Nero d’Avola to Santagostino Rosso Baglio Sorìa. This wine is known and loved by wine enthusiasts from more than 60 countries worldwide. It would be enough to show its trophy to understand the reasons for the success. We prefer to speak about this champion of Sicilian wine describing its deep ruby ​​ and impenetrable color, its olfactory sensations characterized by decisive notes, intense, full-bodied. Berries, cherries, herbs, rhubarb and cloves are immediately recognizable. It is a wine with an elegant structure combined to the softness, persistence and great personality.


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