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Pruning in Firriato estates

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Care during winter sleep before the gentle awakening

©all copyright reserved by Firriato - la potatura - Pruning in Firriato estates

Pruning is a fundamental operation in the agronomic management of the vineyard. The pruning system corresponds to the training system, which in all Firriatoestates is mainly that of the espalier. This system is adapted according to the specific soil and climatic conditions of each Terroir and the yields per hectare required for each variety. This is extremely important for the company, as the next harvest is affected by the pruning of the previous year. This particular activity carried out between December and February is the one that “orientates” the plant to adjust the number of fruiting buds and to arrange future branches in the correct orientation to sunlight.


The magnificence of nature and the skills of our winegrowers

Our winegrowers start with the training-oriented pruning meant to give the right shape to the plant and ensure its healthy development. Afterwards we will have a production-oriented pruning meant to maintain harmonious balance between foliage and grape clusters.

During winter, the rural landscape takes on a new look. The green of the warmer seasons has given way to colder temperatures and the vineyards appear placid and dormant. But this “hibernation” of plants does not imply a suspension of farming activities. The winegrowers who dealt with the summer heat are now preparing to continue their valuable work during the harsh winter.

©all copyright reserved by Firriato - potatura firriato sicilia - Pruning in Firriato estates


Knowing that each grape deserves specific attention

©all copyright reserved by Firriato - potatura biologica - Pruning in Firriato estates

Pruning, like any other agricultural activity practiced in our vineyards, is work that requires constant care and absolute precision. This “natural” knowledge is passed down intact from generation to generation and we love to share it to illustrate the hard work of men living in harmony with nature. Each vineyard, from the Trapani countryside to the terraces of Etna, will be pruned with different agronomic practices to ensure and maintain a natural balance that varies from year to year. This is the method, our daily habit, to emphasise our absolute respect for nature


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