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The Green Gold of Sicily

Organic extra vergin olive oil

From the ancient olive trees of Sorìa Baglio and Borgo Guarini estates born Firriato’s olive oil, an extra virgin organic olive oil from the soul of Sicily, particularly fragrant and delicate in taste. Reflects the kindness of a generous nature immersed in the Mediterranean. Result of a selection made in the olive groves of the family, all seats in the Valleys of Trapani, the island’s most precious DOC virgin olive oil. A land that has always approaches the civilization of the vine that the Olive Tree. Firriato, consistent with its philosophy of production, chose the native cultivars of Cerasauola and Nocellara to enhance, in a blend of extra virgin rich and fragrant, the best expressions. A niche product for a demanding audience in search of excellence, identity and nature.

  • Type: Unfiltered Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • Cultivar: Cerasuola and Nocellara from organic agricolture
  • Area of production: Baglio Sorìa and Borgo Guarini estates
  • Collection period: October/November depending on the vintage

Production area

Baglio Sorìa

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In the Baglio Sorìa and Borgo Guarini estates, within the Trapani countryside, olive trees agriculture is carried out. Nocellara and Cerasuola, native Sicilian cultivars, are grown in these two estates in order to produce an extra vergin olive oil.

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Firriato ‘s green gold

Firriato’s olives are collected in the period from October to November , by hand, using the technique of hand nibbling : a highly accurate system that helps ensure a greater finiteness of oil that is extracted. The fruits are harvested in fact the peak of their ripeness : a raw material integrates into its components and organoleptic ready for the grinding that takes place with the traditional system of pressing roller stone . This technique does not alter the characteristics of the final product, but rather enhances the naturalness and richness. Firriato’s Olive Oil occurs when tasted with a cloudy appearance and a jade green color with golden reflections . The nose has a distinct olive green aroma with herbaceous and fruity on the palate with a slightly bitter and spicy aftertaste , typical of Cerasuola . Wonderful flavor to dishes where the delicate flavor of the sea is predominant. Ideal for salads , Firriato’s Olive Oil is a worthy companion for the preparation of tomato sauce, must- Mediterranean cuisine.

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