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5 Ideas for Christmas dinner together with Firriato wines

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5 Ideas for Christmas dinner together with Firriato wines

The Christmas table tasting Sicilian great Terroir

Christmas is around the corner and we thought about delicious pairings to share with family and friends. Christmas holidays are perfect moments to taste particular matching of important courses paired with some of the most outstanding Firriato’s wines to discover the most authentic fragrances of Sicily together with all the richness and complexity of the terroir where Di Gaetano family works. Attention and production rigour are the base of the success of the Sicilian brand worldwide. Attention and zeal represent the guidelines of these advice in the spirit of good taste.

Santagostino Baglio Sorìa Bianco, the mystic revelation of pleasure

The Harmony of flavours exalted in a perfect balance

An innovative starter could be octopus and seared squid on peas and chickpea creams: it stands alone among other courses playing with the contrast of different texture. Santagostino Baglio Sorìa Bianco was born to play the role of consort to this dish. A balanced and persistent wine. Texture is exalted by this label contributing to increase the international appeal of the Sicilian maison. Catarratto fragrances and fruity Chardonnay character perfectly balance the sweet and bitter sides of the course, causing a flavour explosion on the palate.


The Essence of Sicily in a Glass

Alluring pairing in the spirit of uniqueness


Another Innovative homemade starter is the ink squid egg on a topinambur cream. A simple dish, complex in flavours magically matching Quater Vitis Bianco, a unique wine celebrating 4 native vines. Fruity and complex fragrances of Catarratto are highlighted by the aromatic profile of Zibibbo grapes, together with the elegant harmony of Grillo and the mineral component of Carricante grapes growing on the Etna volcano. A lovely marriage. Don’t overthink it!

A Noble food&wine pairing

An Aristocratic tasting date

Lamb with potatoes cream and vegetables chiffonade is a traditional Christmas course. A Succulent course ideal to combine with Camelot, blend of Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon, that with its fresh taste can balance the intense flavours of recipe. Lamb is unavoidable over Christmas holidays, the perennial favourite hard to beat, an icon celebrating the pleasure of the table enjoying with family. The French style behind this wine totally produced in Sicily makes this food and wine pairing excellent.

©all copyright reserved by Firriato - 2 Camelot - 5 Ideas for Christmas dinner together with Firriato wines

The perfect complexity

Alluring combination


The perfect expression of Perricone vine is revealed in a glass of Ribeca, a wine that can go with another sophisticated dish makes you crave: beef puff pastry with cube of pecorino cheese, tomato confit and red onion.  Perricone is a minor varietal Firriato enhanced paving it the way to success. Its fascinating profile comes out from this pairing, exalting the flavour of the course and playing heartstrings.

The Nero d’Avola Little king of pairings

A wine for all palates

The Christmas evergreen is the Maialino Nero of Nebrodi on chickpea cream to pair with Chiaramonte Nero d’Avola, harmonic and rounded wine exalting the flavour texture of this recipe. The Prince of Sicilian vines that, in the different Firriato’s production expressions, cannot miss out a self-respecting banquet. This expression of Nero d’Avola, characterised by its own versatility in food&wine pairings, is the master key of the table, round and soft according to everybody.



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