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A wine to give

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The same old wine gift or a special one?

©all copyright reserved by Firriato - Ribeca - A wine to give

It’s time to choose the right gift for the right people, therefore – echoing Hamlet – doubts arise in the minds of wine lovers who drink well and responsibly: “whether to give the same old wine or a special one?” is the most frequently asked question. If you prefer the latter, then Ribeca might be the right answer. Located in the heart of the Trapanese countryside, the Pianoro Cuddia vineyards give life to one of Firriato’s wine icons: its story is that of an indigenous Sicilian grape that was about to disappear from the island’s winemaking panorama. Perricone is the very soul of Ribeca and it proudly reveals itself with intense notes of blackberry, plum, marasca cherry and nuances of ginger and licorice.


Firriato’s pride

Harmonium could be described with these words: a monovarietal Nero d’Avola resulting from an elegant and precious blend of three different crus, firm and fresh with an inky red ruby colour… but there’s more to it. Harmonium means Firriato, it means Sicily, it means authentic terroir. The perfect synthesis of a land perfectly suited to viticulture, this noble label is made from Borgo Guarini’s three Nero d’Avola crus; three different harvests and three different winemaking processes come together in a blend that is the absolute protagonist of modern Sicilian oenology. Harmonium is a pleasant and complex wine with an almost meaty texture; a perfect wine gift to be matched with the most refined dishes of the Italian Christmas tradition and the intensity of Sicilian aromas.

©all copyright reserved by Firriato - Harmonium 1 - A wine to give


Sicily and France in Baglio Sorìa’s vineyards

©all copyright reserved by Firriato - Camelot - A wine to give

In the vineyards surrounding Baglio Sorìa Wine Resort there is an important place for two international vine varieties that have perfectly acclimatised to Sicilian weather. Baglio Sorìa’s Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot grapes give life to Camelot, a tribute to the French winemaking tradition as interpreted by Firriato. Camelot is a wine gift for real wine lovers looking for the distinctiveness that Sicily can confer on these two widely grown grapes. It has a soft and seductive promise captivating even the most demanding palates with its lovely undertones of herbs and delicate notes of eucalyptus, blueberry, bitter cocoa and cinnamon. Camelot has the right characteristics that make it a perfect match with the typical Christmas meat dishes.


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