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A sweet Christmas

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Sicilian passito wines for Christmas

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The Christmas lunch is a symbol of family harmony and conviviality. People in Italy gather together to share one of the best times of the year, preparing all those recipes that otherwise no one ever has time to make. These complex, plentiful and numerous dishes are always followed by a dessert closing the lavish meal. Whether it’s an artisanal “panettone” or a homemade dessert from the family tradition, at Christmas time Sicilian “passito” wines are perfect for all occasions. Firriato’s “L’Ecrù” is without doubt a highbred protagonist among Sicilian sweet wines and stands out for its specific production method bestowing sweetness and intense aromas. “L’Ecrù” is the only Sicilian passito wine being vinified through the infusion method. Zibibbo grapes browned by the sun in the Borgo Guarini raisining garden are infused not in the must, but in the Zibibbo wine: this is the best way for the wine’s alcohol component to extract the aromas of dried grapes. It is a wine elegant by nature, with an ecru colour like the name it bears.


The uniqueness of Favignana’s passito wine

Calamoni on Favignana is the one and only vineyard in the Egadi islands. Growing next to the sea, Calamoni’s rows of vines give life to a one-of-a-kind Zibibbo wine that involves all the five senses for an unprecedented wine experience. These golden grapes benefit from the influence of the sea, the Neptune grass and the precious saline and mineral elements of a land that has emerged from the sea. These unique conditions give life to a Sicilian passito that reflects the beauty and strength of an extraordinary microcosm. The wine has an elegant bouquet with notes of candied orange and palm’s date: a Sicilian passito wine for a warm and elegant Christmas.

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Sweet notes and elegant flavours

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Firriato’s L’Ocra somehow plays the dark horse among other sweet wines for Christmas because its balanced interpretation of Zibibbo makes it the perfect wine to be matched not only with desserts but also with Italian traditional cold cuts and cheese. L’Ocra reveals itself with its elegant supporting acidity enhanced by the sweet notes of dried grapes browned by the Sicilian September sun. The bouquet is variegated with dried fig and ripe apricot notes. L’Ocra is a fruity and balanced dessert wine offering a great winetasting experience that gives it a leading role among Sicilian passito wines for Christmas.


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