• The End of 2017 Grape Harvest


    The Etna Grape Harvest

    The final signature of the Volcano on 2017 grape harvest

    01-La vendemmia sull'etna

    The 2017 grape harvest has finished also this year in the Cavanera estate, under the look of the Etna volcano. Vintage 2017 was really particular, grapes have been shaped by often very extreme climante and water conditions. Anyway our experts continuosly and attentively monitored plant development. A tender and paternal role such as the volcano’s one cradling vines and transmitting its flooding energy even caused a slight increase in production. Nerello Mascalese vine absorbed more than other vine varietals this energy , generating huge expectations for wines like Gaudensius, bright and refined spumante , a unique icon of elegance in the Sicilian winescape

    Trapani countryside, an endless story

    North western Sicily, the heart of Firriato’s estates

    2017 Grape harvest started in Trapani countryside estates: Pianoro Cuddìa, Dàgala Borromeo, Borgo Guarini and Baglio Sorìa. The phenolic maturity of Syrah, Merlot and Cabernet was remarkable let us think about future enchanting wines. The best sensorial result was up to white vine varietals such as Catarratto and Grillo, but also red vine varietal like Perricone. We expect to achieve wines with sophisticated aromas and remarkable structure for a memorable tasting. The drying conditions of this land required endless work to our experts who observed a slight decrease in production. As everybody knows, difficuties make us stronger, the same happens to Firriato’s wines, achieving the best gifts of Mother Nature.

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    Favignana, harvesting between sea and wind

    Calamoni grape harvest comes full circle

    03-La vendemmia di Favignana

    The last of the estates is maybe the most special one. We obviously talk about Calamoni di Favignana, the unique vineyard of the Egadi islands. An expression of extreme viticulture like the one carried out on the Mount Etna, 2017 grape harvest did not presented alterations compared to 2016. In this sea landscape Firriato grows red and white vine varietals , among them, Zibibbo has standed out under organoleptic aspect. A grape benefitted from sea and wind influence, two key elements of the Calamoni estate, generating briny and balsamic notes in a bottle of Passulé ensuring a year more of sensorial magic.


  • Firriato at Wine Spectator’s New York Wine Experience with Harmonium , the top cru 3 single vineyards of the family

    Important spotlights for the Firriato Harmonium at the recent New York Wine Experience, the annual meeting arranged by Wine Spectator to showcase to its enthusiastic audience an exclusive selection of the best wines from every corner of the globe. The event was held in the elegant Marriot Marquis Hotel, in the heart of Times Square. More than 270 producers coming from all over the world proudly presented their labels, ranked with a minimum of 90 points and up from the prestigious panel of Wine Spectator’s tasters.

    The aim of the Grand Tasting is to connect the Producers with a sophisticated audience of readers, collectors and trade. It was a privilege to be among the 50 participating Italian wineries, represented by COO Federico Lombardo di Monte Iato.

    Firriato poured Harmonium 2013, the Top Cru 3 Single Vineyards of Nero D’Avola, one of more representative wines of the “Authentic Terroir Concept”, the driving philosophy of the winery.
    “Certainly, this is the most aristocratic red wine of our portfolio- says Federico Lombardo di Monte Iato – with this iconic label, we have contributed not only to make Sicilian winemaking more famous, but also to communicate the real champion of our viticulture, the Nero d’Avola vine”.

    Firriato Winery is a family-owned business, located in Trapani. It encompasses six estates throughout the most magical parts of the wine regions of Sicily, including the island of Favignana. Founded in 1984, Firriato boasts a kaleidoscopic production of 4.5 million bottles per year. Approximately 380 hectares of vineyards are manicured with passion under certified organic farming techniques. These vineyards are distributed in three heterogeneous and complex soils: the Agro of Trapani, the Etna volcano, and the surprising viticulture of the sea environment surrounding the island of Favignana. Firriato is a pioneer in Precision Viticulture, a technique that emphasizes the potential of every single plant, and the range of expression that can be revealed with respect to distinct pedoclimatic contexts. Dedication and zeal applied to oenological practices and eco-sustainability are an integral part of the philosophy of Firriato. It is for this reason that Firriato, year after year, has continued to conquer international markets for quality and elegance of its wines. Firriato products can be found in forty-eight countries around the world, representing the fine expression of Sicilian terroir. For more information: www.firriato.it